On 21st July 2021, the Comité Champagne has released a statement establishing the maximum yield for the 2021 harvest at 10,000 kg/hectare.

The Comité explains that under global economic recovery, the sector is recording an excellent first half of 2021 as most champagne markets are experiencing a dramatic rebound.

Shipments for the first half of 2021 are up 50% compared to 2020 that was marked by the covid crisis and surpassed by 14% the record in exports of the first semester of 2018.

This strong growth is driven mainly by Europe, North America, and Australia. The French market is also picking up at the start of summer with the lifting of sanitary measures.

For Jean-Marie Barillère, co-President of the Comité Champagne and President of the Champagne Houses “these good figures indicate a vigorous recovery at the global level. With the reopening of places of consumption, we are seeing everywhere the desire of our consumers to celebrate the return to a normal social life of sharing and conviviality. ”

Taking into account the good results in the first half of the year and the positive outlook in the medium term, the executive committee of the Comité has established the maximum yield at this year’s harvest at 10,000 kg/hectare.

Faced with the exceptional climatic situation this year, the executive committee will meet again at the beginning of September to decide on all the other measures applicable to the harvest.

In early April two nights of frost caused widespread damage to the Champagne vineyards, with estimated crop losses ranging from 20% to 80%, depending on the location.