The Comité Champagne (CIVC) has just released the harvest dates for 2022 with the very first pickings to take place on the 22nd of August in the Aube.

Each year the Comité Champagne announces the official harvesting dates, based on the analysis of the evolution of the grapes’ maturation, which varies from vine-growing village and grape variety for greater precision. 

For this, twice a week, just as the grapes start to change color during the veraison (onset of ripening), samples are taken from 602-control plots spread throughout Champagne, the Réseau Matu (ripening observation network).

The grapes are checked for the rate of color change, average weight, estimated sugar and total acidity content, and for any incidence of fungal diseases.

The results are transmitted the same day via the internet to allow the Comité Champagne to establish mean average values for each parcel and department, and grape variety.

The overall aim is to harvest grapes that will give flawless juices of the highest quality at pressing. 

The Comité Champagne explains that the 2022 vintage is characterized by heat, with strong ripening dynamics, and excellent health conditions, and it has the potential to follow the superb trilogy of 2018-2019-2020, after the difficult 2021 season.

And this is also why it has set an available yield of 12,000 kg/ha for the 2022 harvest. This is the highest level in 15 years (2007).

Champagne 2022 Harvest Dates