On September 8th 2014 the harvests officially started in the Champagne region of France. BestChampagne decided to drive trough the Champagne vineyards, to take some shots and show you how it all starts. 

The harvests last for about 2 weeks during which many migrant workers from France and from around Europe help the Champagne houses to pick the most expensive grapes in the world (between 5 and 6 euro per kg in 2013).

The grapes are selected and picked strictly by hand and carefully and promptly brought to the presses where they are gently squeezed.

These result, few hours later, in musts that are immediately analysed in the Champagne houses’ laboratories for sugar and acidity content, to two most important components in the production champagne.

According to Yannick Desmaret, winemaker at Drappier, this years seems very interesting and promising, as preliminary analysis show good degrees of both acidity and sugars.

Let’s hope for the best. In any case, the Houses’ know-how, experience and tools ensure that astonishing champagnes are made out of the heart’s fruits, in both good and bad years.

We will know the “real truth” at the beginning of 2015 when the houses will start the assemblage and decide if parts of the wines from 2014 harvest will be used on their own to make vintage champagnes, or if all of them will be blended with older “reserve” still wines to make multi-vintages champagnes only.

Stay tunes, we will keep you updated… Meanwhile enjoy the photo show.

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