The Champagne Bureau (Comité Champagne) has released its preliminary sales data for 2016, confirming a positive value trend with a total turnover of € 4.71 billion.

The results are very similar to 2015 when total sales of champagne reached € 4.74 billion.

However, the champagne industry recorded a limited decrease in volume of -2.1%, with 306 million bottles sold in 2016 compared to 312 million in 2015.

The Champagne Bureau relates this contraction to the difficulties of the French market and to the sudden depreciation of the British pound.

Most of the key champagne markets have seen continued and dynamic growth in value, such as the US with +4.9%, Japan with +3.0%, Germany with +3.4%, The Netherlands with +6.3%, Italy with +6.4%, Spain with +1.3% and, and Sweden with +5.1%.

Hewer, the number one champagne market after France – the UK – showed a contraction of -14%, and other key markets, namely Belgium and Australia, were also hit, by -9.8% and -8.6% respectively.

Other countries that showed surprising growth were Canada with +9.4%, Mexico with +12.0%, South Africa with +15.1%, New Zealand with +25.4% and South Korea with +14.2%.

China, Hong-Kong, and Taiwan have also shown strong potential.

Overall, in most countries the growth model of Champagne driven by exports and the diversification of cuvées is continuing in 2016: 8.6% more bottles of rosé champagne have been shipped than in 2015, and prestige cuvées sales increased by +4.6%, showing how consumers turn to ever rarer and more prestigious champagnes.

The release of the full champagne sales data is expected in April 2017.

Champagne markets sales 2016