According to preliminary official data released by the Champagne Committee (CIVC), total sale of champagne in 2014 reached 307,132,540 bottles in volume and €4.5 billion in value.

This represents a modest increase of 0.7% in volume and 3.2% in value compared to the 304,973,710 bottles of 2013 and a turnover of €4.36 billion. 
France accounted for 53% of sales with 162,262,278 bottles, versus 54,9% and 167,333,600 in 2013, losing 5 million bottles (-3.1%).

However exports increased in all top 10 export markets outside of France, making up for the loss of trade in France.

Total exports volumes increased 7 million bottles (+5.2%) reaching 144,870,262 bottles, versus 137,604,100 bottles in 2013.

2014 represent the second best performance in the Champagne region’s history after 2007 with a total turnover of €4.56 billion and 338,796,703 million bottles.