We were surfing on YouTube looking for interesting videos on champagne and we ended up in a “bubbly” video we think it is worth to share with our readers.  

We decided to check for a “battle” between champagne, the king of sparkling wines, and its most direct competitor prosecco, and we ended up in this short, nicely made video opposing and analysing champagne, prosecco and cava.

The video is by wine enthusiast Amelia Singer, who in a dynamic and light way, quickly but precisely defines the qualities and charm of each of these world-famous sparkling wines.

We would like to remind our readers that the very best sparkling wines (taste and quality) are made using the “method champenoise”, and that tells a lot…

Do listen carefully to Amelia’s comments, and particularly the words she uses for champagne. We couldn’t agree more.

Thank you Amelia for this lovely video. Enjoy.