Champagne House de Venoge is due to move to Gallice historic townhouse in Avenue De Champagne, the most prestigious address in Epernay.

The move is in line with the House’s ambitions to be back among Champagne’s top brands.

According to de Venoge’s President Gilles de la Bassetière when in conversation with French newspaper L’Union, the move will allow the House, part of Lanson-BCC, the second largest group in Champagne, to play side by side with the most prestigious champagne brands.

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Gallice, with its 1,500 m2 of space, 500m2 of cellars and 6,000 m2 of garden will allow the House to properly welcome visitors wishing to learn more in details about this prestigious House.

De la Bassetière also plans to create a solid enoteca with 25,000 bottles of de Venoge dated from 1928 to 1990.

The move to Gallice is expected to take place after 2015 harvest.