The Champagne house Deutz has recently announced that thanks to the exceptional quality of the grapes harvested in 2020, and the careful selection applied, it will produce the full range of champagnes with the 2020 vintage.

Cellar Master Michel Davesne and his oenological team carried out the tastings of the still and reserve wines (over 150 separately vinified batches) under the watchful eye of President Fabrice Rosset.

“The still wine tastings confirmed the exceptional quality we saw at the time of harvesting” commented Davesne.

In September 2020, Deutz issued its 2020 Champagne harvest Report, stressing that the health of the grapes turned out to be outstanding, as did their ripeness levels: two hallmarks of an exceptional vintage.

This is why Deutz was able to create the full range of vintage champagnes this year: the Brut Vintage, Brut Vintage Rosé, Blanc de Blancs, Hommage à William Deutz (Côte Glacière and Meurtet), William Deutz, Amour de Deutz, and Amour de Deutz Rosé.“

“Even though it took us several weeks to finetune the blends, we have succeeded in achieving the exact style of wine we were looking for in each of our champagnes” stressed Rosset.

Deutz bottled the equivalent of around 2.3 million bottles this year (2021). Bottling began on 3rd May 2021 and was completed by 9th July.

The second fermentation in the bottle will last 3-4 weeks. The wines will then be left in contact with their lees until the desired level of maturity and expression of the Deutz signature style is achieved.

This aging go far beyond those imposed by the Champagne appellation at Deutz, with around 3 years for the non-vintage cuvées (Deutz Brut Classic and Deutz Brut Rosé) and 4-6 years for the vintage ones. The 2020 vintage prestige cuvées (William Deutz, Amour de Deutz and Amour de Deutz Rosé) will undergo 8 to 10 years of aging.

At BestChampagne we look forward to tasting them when they will be ready 😉