Champagne House Deutz officially unveiled its latest Cuvée de Prestige: Amour de Deutz Rosé 2006. Successor to Cuvée William Deutz Rosé 2002, this new champagne is stamped with the quality of the magnificent 2006 harvest.

Deutz has the distinction of being the only Champagne House to offer 3 “cuvées de prestige” with characteristics which are complementary :

Amour de Deutz, which, over the years has become the Deutz flagship champagne around the world, highlighting the nobility and elegance of the Chardonnays from the finest Champagne terroirs.

Cuvée William Deutz, the historical cuvée, epitomizing the Deutz “style” created by Deutz’ founder almost 176 years ago and refined through the decades by successive generations.

Cuvée William Deutz Brut Rosé, which showcases the superb Pinot Noirs from the terroir of Aÿ in particular, but which is now making way for a new Cuvée de Prestige, which has been slowly and gently ageing in our cellars for nearly eight years!

Amour de Deutz Rosé 2006, successor to Cuvée William Deutz Rosé, is a champagne which is the fruit of an “evolutionary” rather than “revolutionary” process, and one which respects several principles:

– Admiration and respect for the passion developed by previous generations.
– Meeting the expectations of the most discerning Champagne aficionados
– Determination to make the very best use of our supply of high quality grapes.