Drappier, the great Champagne House and recognised brand in the Southern Champagne region of the Aube, has introduced indigenous yeasts in its wine making process. 

As explained to BestChampagne by Michel Drappier, President of Champagne Drappier, “Beyond the aromatic complexity and the elegance we always strive for, we aim to create a unique signature to our champagnes. The Champagne terroir, with its specific exposure to the sun, unique soil and  climate is not really complete without using indigenous yeasts -the true identity of a [wine making] territory. Unfortunately, many indigenous yeasts lack all the required qualities to make great wines. The idea is to select a local yeast that carries all the guarantees of quality that can become the signature of Drappier champagnes.”

When asked if the yeasts will be used for the whole of Drappier champagnes ranges, Michel indicated that, “We are currently testing and tasting our Brut Nature and if the results are conclusive as it seems to be the case, we will include the “Drappier yeast” to all our wines.”

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