Italian glassmaker Italesse, a front-runner in the ‘beverage and design oriented tableware’ market, joined forces with champagne guru Richard Juhlin and leading international designers Claesson Koivisto Rune to create “Richard Juhlin Optimum”, the optimal glass for tasting champagne.

Studied in every single detail, the glass combines functional details and minimal shapes to offer an optimized tasting experience for both champagne experts and novices.

According to Richard Juhlin’s blog “The skilful balance of the height and width of the bowl, the closing of the glass rim – proportionally studied with respect to the bowl angle, the depth of the piqûre and of the perlage point, the sublime quality and lightness of the glass, perfectly distributed, guide the aromas and fragrances of the Champagne towards the nose with the right intensity, for unparalleled tasting.”

The glass will be launched in Sweden on the 4th December 2014 at Asplund Stockholm Store and will be available for sale from the beginning of December 2014.