After a summer showcasing Krug and potato food pairing in the French Riviera, the iconic Champagne house will launch a “Krug & Potato” Christmas dessert in partnership with French pastry chef Sébastien Gaudard.

According to Gaudard “cooked in a light vanilla syrup, potato becomes fruit and surprises for its texture, crispy and melting at the same time. The almond-hazelnut paste cover makes this dessert particularly tasty.”

This unusual pairing will be available between December 15th and 31st, 2015 at the “Salon de Thé des Tuileries de Sébastien Gaudard”, 1 rue des Pyramides, Paris Ist.

Two options will be available:

-Eat in : a glass of Krug Grande Cuvée with one desserts “Krug & Potato” for EUR 38.

-Take away : ½ bottle of Krug Grande Cuvée with two desserts “Krug & Potato” for EUR 90.


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