American wine magazine Wine & Spirits has awarded KRUG the title of “Most Popular Sparkling Wine”.

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The magazine has asked wine buyers to list their ten top-selling wines in order of popularity, summing up their rating to determine the ranking of each wine.

Maggie Henriquez, President of the Maison commented: “Such wonderful recognition for KRUG House fills me with joy and gratitude. From almost total anonymity to being named the most popular sparkling wine by Wine & Spirits Magazine, is the reflection of 8 years of hard, constant work.”

KRUG’s success in the rating is proof of its increasing popularity in the US, particularly in restaurants et bars.

According to Wine & Spirits Magazine, in the last few years, the American clientele is now more open to dining with champagne, rather than just considering it a sparkling wine for celebrations.


KRUG was founded in 1843 by Joseph Krug, a visionary man that marked forever the spirit of this high-end Maison, and the way champagne is crafted.

Being frustrated with the inconsistent quality of champagne at that time, which was greatly dependent on the weather of each vintage, he envisioned a way to overcome this constraint, by blending wines of different years to produce a rich and consistent expression of pleasure: non-vintage champagne was born.

The prestige of KRUG was soon acknowledged in the main champagne markets and all the Krug generations that followed at the helm of the business always abided by its founder’s precepts, ensuring consistent, superior champagnes.

Today KRUG is part of luxury group LVMH and is seen as the haute couture of champagne.

The Krug family, today represented by Olivier Krug, remains actively involved in all the key winemaking decisions that are coordinated by Chef de Cave Eric Lebel.