According to a review of the 2014 harvest in Champagne by Bruno Paillard, the real winner of this year is the chardonnay grape.

This grape came out better of the challenging climatic conditions of the summer than pinot noir and pinot meunier.

As a result chardonnay grapes are indeed of higher quality, including in the Crus where they are not the leading grape such as Reuil, Venteuil, Cumières in the Marne valley, or in Verzenay, Verzy, Bouzy, in the Montagne de Reims region.

The pinot noir grapes were affected by botrytis in several Crus in the Marne valley, forcing Bruno Paillard to be extremely selective at the moment of picking.

They have done better in the southern region of Les Riceys, reducing waste.

In relation to pinot meunier, the western Crus faced the highest challenges with more rain and botrytis.  

All in all it is too early to draw a line on the 2014 vintage.

However Bruno Paillard is confident that if properly cared the 2014 vintage will result in wines that will rate from good to excellent, even remarkable for Blanc de Blancs.

Bruno Paillard cultivates 32 hectares in 16 Crus